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As exhaust packaging becomes more complex, the challenges continue to grow for the engineers at Primary Designs, with the need for precision jigging systems and the ability to measure exhaust systems being a major factor in exhaust design and manufacture.

Faro portable measuring arms make measuring complex objects easy. This includes inspection, alignment, calibration, reverse engineering and as-built documentation with accuracy up to 16 microns.

Calibrating FARO armCalibrating FARO arm   Detailed jig inspectionDetailed jig inspection   Checking Jig against CAD modelChecking Jig against CAD model

A Formula 1 car or Supercar is a technically advanced exercise in vehicle engineering, whose many parts must be manufactured to an exceptionally high degree of precision. None less so than the exhaust system on an F1 car, Le Mans car or Supercar.

Measuring arms, such as a portable Faro fusion measuring arm, are one solution to the growing demand for increasing precision in the motorsport industry.

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